Missionaries we support

Forrest and Hannah Rowell - Youth Alive

Jon and Rhonda Pritikan - Feel the Power - FULLY FUNDED

Doyle and Karen Robinson - Sox Place - FULLY FUNDED

Meffords - Sensitive country - FULLY FUNDED

Mark and Fredda Alston - Philippines

Daran and Noreen Lemon - Chi Alpha Utah - FULLY FUNDED

Jason and Mandi Barbieri - Navigators Utah State - FULLY FUNDED

Shane and Marty Couch - Sex Addiction Counsolers

New Hope House - Teen Challenge - FULLY FUNDED

Cache Valley Young Life

Tim and Eniko Ligon - Togo

Dan and Earlene Ligon - Niger - FULLY FUNDED

Husingas - sensitive country - Fully funded

Dave and Melissa Nicolson - Church Plant Utah - Fully funded

Isaac Olivarez - Inner city Denver - Fully Funded