Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation.

— MARK 16:15


New Life Fellowship partners with missionaries and missions organizations to spread the Gospel message around the world. We invest in leaders, give financially, and send people and resources to help fulfill the Great Commission. Through short-term mission trips and partnering with like-minded ministries we can expand our reach and make a greater impact for Christ.

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Missionaries we support

Forrest and Hannah Rowell
Youth Alive

Jon and Rhonda Pritikan
Feel the Power

Doyle and Karen Robinson
Sox Place

The Mefford Family
Sensitive Country

Mark and Fredda Alston

Daran and Noreen Lemon
Chi Alpha Utah

Jason and Mandi Barbieri
Navigators Utah State

Shane and Marty Couch
Sex Addiction Counselors

New Hope House
Teen Challenge

Cache Valley Young Life

Tim and Eniko Ligon

Dan and Earlene Ligon

The Husinga Family
Sensitive country

Dave and Melissa Nicolson
Church Plant Utah

Isaac Olivarez
Inner city Denver

Steve and Deanne Turley